Agile, smart, and convenient. It is a web-based metric tracking software that powers Balanced Scorecards and gorgeous performance dashboards. A combination of best practices and technology will yield the data you need to meet your strategic objectives.

Our software will help you:

- First, Track Metrics.
It's a website where you can see how everything in your company is doing. Knowledge is power.

- Second, Manage Strategy.
It's perfect for Balanced Scorecards, but flexible enough for any performance management methodology.

- Third, Get Informed.
If something goes wrong, you'll be the first to know.

The Strategy Map module in QuickScore is quite useful to organizations using the Balanced Scorecard methodology. You first set a background image and then drag and drop objectives to create a real-time visual representation of your strategic goals.

Our dashboards look a lot like Microsoft PowerPoint™ slides. Each one starts out as a blank canvas, and you add things like charts, gauges, and data tables. The big difference from PowerPoint™, however, is that once you create a dashboard, it automatically updates in real-time based on your latest data.

Our software makes it easy to pull metric data from your existing databases and spreadsheets. You decide a schedule, and your metrics update automatically. Of course you can always update your metrics manually too. Our software can even send reminder emails if you forget.

In addition to metric values, we also track your thresholds over time. This is important because your performance goals today are not always the same as they were yesterday.

Slice and dice your performance data and then create exciting presentation charts and graphs. Compare metrics within scorecards or across scorecards. Look for positive and negative trends. Then bookmark your customized report so it is available every time you login. Export with a single mouse click to Microsoft PowerPoint™, Excel™, or Word™.

The Scoreboard Action Planner manages everything in your organization that needs to get done. Auto-generated to-do lists make delegating tasks a snap and allow you to see your action items at a glance. Sophisticated Gantt charts give a bird's eye view of what is going on in your organization today, as well as what you have planned for next month or next year. Tasks and actions can track budget information and burn rates, and can be assigned to one or more individuals or groups.