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With our integrated set of services in consulting, education and technology we help our customers move from ideas to action. We work side by side with visionary executives that strive for the better and want to excel by focusing on strategy execution.


We are a fountain of business growth wisdom. We have an experienced team made up of people who are passionate about making a difference and are willing to always go the extra mile to make each project a success story.


Our powerful but simple Strategy Execution Process will help your organization develop an efficient framework for executing and monitoring your strategy. This model is inspired by Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton.


Nosotros Trissa

[+] ONTEX - http://www.ontexglobal.com/

“ TRISSA's implementation process and service was exceptional. The project results exceeded our expectations in every way. Thank You Eduardo."

[+] ABADAN - abadan.com.mx

“Excellent service with and outstanding methodological approach. Very proud and happy to have TRISSA as our strategy consulting firm.

[+] ELEMENTIA - www.elementia.com

“A great project. Excellent results. Thank you Eduardo"

[+] MULTICERAS - www.multiceras.com

“To have worked with TRISSA has given us the tools and strategic approach needed to create a blue ocean and redefine our strategic destination. Outstanding Results. Thank You Eduardo"

[+] AZTEC PLUMBING - www.aztec-plumbing.com

"Tu aportación y apoyo ha sido fundamental para definir la estructura de trabajo, alinear nuestras prioridades así como entender y posicionar a la estrategia como el eje de transformación en la organización. Muchas Gracias


"It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with TRISSA. They have a strategy execution framework that empowers you to carry out your strategies more effectively all the time. Thank you so much Eduardo"

[+] Demek

"TRISSA's professionalism, knowledge and experience reassures us the way ahead and puts us in the correct direction."

[+] Autotransportes del Real

"It was a great experience working with TRISSA since they master the process of strategy execution and they were very flexible to meet our needs, which was essential to the project success."

[+] Innovak Global

“TRISSA's commitment and involvement in every detail of our strategy implementation, was essential for the project success. We have mastered the process of strategic thinking and execution and just like many others, we started with the strategy formulation and finished with the strategy execution process. Together we have developed the basis for becoming a Strategy Focused Organization.”

[+] Maqsa - Caterpillar

"Thanks to TRISSA's solutions and expertise, we successfully implemented an efficient mechanism for evaluating and monitoring the performance of the company. We continued our work with them as they are a key part in our alignment effort to make MAQSA a Strategy Focused Organization".

[+] Grupo Gorditas Dona Tota

"Working with TRISSA was an extremely valuable experience. Not only due to the methodology's effectiveness, but because we managed to unite every member of the company towards a common goal. "

[+] GCC

"The consultants' expertise, knowledge and professionalism was fundamental for success. They offered us the possibility of establishing the best practices on strategy execution and governance."

[+] Corporacion Restaurantera Mexicana

"I sincerely believe that the benefits and opportunities for structural changes in the organization, wouldn’t have been possible if not for TRISSA's deep practical knowledge of the methodology, their professionalism to understand all the execution and strategy monitoring lags we had as a company, and their unwavering disposition to put in extra hours and weekends to be able to finish the project in time."

[+] Albachisa

"I could say that we changed the way we operated and administrated the company in a very short time. Without a doubt, TRISSA's expertise and knowledge provided us the opportunity to establish a new organizational culture to attain our objectives."

[+] Jidosha - Nissan

"TRISSA's team provided us the best practices of Strategy-Focused Organizations and enabled us to identify the areas of opportunity of our current management model. Their service was very professional and helped us fix a clear vision of where we want to be heading."

[+] Construidea

"Having chosen TRISSA has been essential to drive our new strategy and align everybody's efforts at Construidea. Their capabilities and expertise on the matter has helped us, in a fast and efficient way, to seek agreements among our directors and establish a single strategic course."


TRISSA operates as a boutique-consulting firm, which allows it to compete with larger competitors nationally and internationally. Our distinctive attributes are:

[+] We really know our stuff

Even the best strategy is useless without an execution system. TRISSA can help management to translate its strategy, using the Balanced Scorecard, into measurable strategic objectives, measures, targets and prioritized strategic initiatives.

[+] Experience in Multiple Industries

Our experience and links with other professionals give us the know-how and the best practices in all kinds of industries, giving you plenty support to make you obtain the best results in a fast and effective way.

[+] Guaranteed Results

We know that the most valuable asset of our client is their time. Valuing your time, we apply effective and proved tools that will traduce rapidly into results.


[+] Vision

To be our clients' best option in Strategy Execution Consulting Services through success stories.

[+] Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on treating our clients as our partners, where both interests are aligned. We always will work with absolute confidentiality, transparency, objectivity and discretion.

[+] TRISSA Code of Ethics

We have adopted this Code of Conduct to help us maintain the highest standards of professional and business conduct. Its adoption is a testimony to the importance we place on personal integrity and ethical behavior.


[+] Our Reputation

Our reputation for providing high quality services has won us the trust of our customers and our people. If you're ready to make a career in a dynamic organization with an environment that encourages professional development and continued growth, then you are ready to be at TRISSA.

[+] Our Experience

TRISSA will give you important professional experience while becoming part of our team. You will gain knowledge, and develop top skills and as you afront new challenges every day. The learning you will get in TRISSA is based on everyday experience and the wide range of projects in different industries.

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Send your resume and become a part of our team. We will send an acknowledgment of your resume within 24 hours to the email address you have supplied us.