• Strategy Maps

    Author: Robert S. Kaplan y David P. Norton

    "Strategy Maps" takes readers to the next level of precision in strategy implementation. "Strategy Maps" introduces a new tool that has evolved from Robert Kaplan and David Norton's ongoing research with hundreds of Balanced Scorecard adopters across the globe, and its premise is simple: if you can visually map your strategy, the people within your organization will better understand it and therefore be better able to execute it effectively

  • The Power of Co-creation

    Author: Venkat Ramaswamy & Francis Goulliart

    Apple embraced co-creation to enhance the speed and scope of its innovation, generat­ing over $1 billion for its App-Store partner-developers in two years, even as it overtook Microsoft in market value. Starbucks launched its online platform MyStarbucksIdea.com to tap into ideas from customers and turbocharged a turnaround. Unilever turned to co-creation for redesigning prod­uct lines such as Sunsilk shampoo and revitalized growth. Co-creation involves redefining the way organizations engage individuals—customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and other stake­holders—bringing them into the process of value creation and engaging them in enriched experi­ences

  • Alignmnet

    Author: Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton

    Most organisations consist of multiple business and support units, each populated by highly trained, experienced executives. But often the efforts of individual units are not coordinated, resulting in conflicts, lost opportunities, and diminished performance Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton apply their revolutionary Balanced Scorecard management system to corporate-level strategy, revealing how highly successful enterprises achieve powerful synergies by explicitly defining corporate headquarters' role in setting, coordinating, and overseeing organisational strategy. Based on extensive field research in organisations worldwide, "Alignment" shows how companies can build an enterprise-level Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard that clearly articulate the "enterprise value proposition": how the enterprise creates value above that achieved by individual business units operating alone.

  • The Strategy Focused Organization

    Autor: Robert S. Kaplan y David P. Norton

    In The Strategy-Focused Organization, Robert Kaplan and David Norton share the results of ten years of learning and research into more than 200 companies that have implemented the Balanced Scorecard. Drawing from more than twenty in-depth case studies--including Mobil, CIGNA, and AT&T Canada--Kaplan and Norton illustrate how Balanced Scorecard adopters have taken their groundbreaking tool to the next level. These organizations have used the scorecard to create an entirely new performance management framework that puts strategy at the center of key management processes and systems.

  • The Balanced Scorecard

    Author: Robert S. Kaplan y David P. Norton

    The Balanced Scorecard translates a company's vision and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures. The four perspectives of the scorecard--financial measures, customer knowledge, internal business processes, and learning and growth--offer a balance between short-term and long-term objectives, between outcomes desired and performance drivers of those outcomes, and between hard objective measures and softer, more subjective measures.

  • The Execution Premium

    Autor: Robert S. Kaplan y David P. Norton

    The Execution Premium presents the whole cycle since the definition of the strategy to the entire process of execution. This book incorporates the ultimate theory with the best practices and real life stories of success to comprehend better each step of the cycle.

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The BSC SWOT is a simple concept that combines the two powerful tools BSC (Balanced Scorecard) and SWOT analysis when identifying factors that drive or hinder strategy. The four perspectives in BSC are combined with the four dimensions of SWOT in a matrix where findings may be mapped.

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The purpose of this assesment is to give you, from a strategic planning point of view, a sense of how ready your organization is to confront growth. This assessment was developed based on our best practices in strategic planning, academic research and consulting experience.

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