Balanced Scorecard Success Story | INFONAVIT Mortgage Lending, Mexico

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Infonavit is a Mexican Federal Agency that provides two thirds of the mortgages in Mexico, and is the biggest mortgage lender in Latin America, with more than five million mortgages in their books. Discover how the Balanced Scorecard helped turn them into a strategy-execution success story.


Balanced Scorecard Success Story | INFONAVIT Mortgage Lending, MexicoA new and wide strategy and management procedure has been implemented to provide the basis for the transformation of Infonavit into an agency recognized for their effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and transparency.  

The Balanced Scorecard method was adopted in 2006. Since then, its incomes increased 39% to approximately $10 billion dollars, the creation of mortgages increased 14% and their customer service improved 66%. Infonavit has shared better practices, has managed the risk and has financed the construction of sustainable “green” houses.  

The CEO, Victor Manuel Borras say: “Our vision is not only improving our financial returns, but improving the quality of life among our citizens to include economic, educational, and social advances. The BSC has been a key tool which, adapted to our culture, has helped us to achieve our vision.”


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Author: Trissa Strategy Consulting

Source: Hall of Fame 2010