[+] Maqsa - Caterpillar 

CEO – Jaime Cruz 
"Thanks to TRISSA's solutions and expertise, we successfully implemented an efficient mechanism for evaluating and monitoring the performance of the company. We continued our work with them as they are a key part in our alignment effort to make MAQSA a Strategy Focused Organization". 

[+] Grupo Gorditas Dona Tota 

CEO - Carlos Martinez Gonzalez 
"For Dona Tota, working with TRISSA was an extremely valuable experience. Not only due to the methodology's effectiveness, but because we managed to unite every member of the company towards a common goal. " 

[+] GCC 

Chief Planning Officer - Jaime Fernandez 

"The consultants' expertise and knowledge offered the project the posibility of extablishing the best pracitces in matters of strategy execution and governance. Their profesionalism was fundamental for our objectives' success." 

[+] Corporacion Restaurantera Mexicana 

CEO - Jose Luis Camino 
"I sincerely believe that the benefits and opportunities for structural changes in the organization, wouldn’t have been possible if not for TRISSA's deep practical knowledge of the methodology, their professionalism to understand all the execution and strategy monitoring lags we had as a company, and their unwavering disposition to put in extra hours and weekends to be able to finish the project in the alloted time." 

[+] Albachisa 

CEO - Carlos Camacho Villegas 
"I could say that we changed the way we operated and administrated the company in a very short time. Without a doubt, TRISSA's expertise and knowledge provided us the opportunity to establish a new organizational culture to attain our objectives." 

[+] Alvarez Puga & Asociados 

CEO - Juan Meouchi Sandoval 
"Thanks to our decision of working with TRISSA, designing and executing our strategy it has finally been possible, as they enabled us to identify our weakest points and fix them promptly, thus generating economic value in a fast way". 

[+] Jidosha - Nissan 

CEO - Ernesto Hermosillo 
"TRISSA's team provided us the best practices of Strategy-Focused Organizations and enabled us to identify the areas of opportunity of our current management model. Their service was very professional and helped us fix a clear vision of where we want to be heading." 

[+] Construidea 

CEO - Elda Capetillo 
"Having chosen TRISSA has been essential to drive our new strategy and align everybody's efforts at Construidea. Their capabilities and expertise on the matter has helped us, in a fast and efficient way, to seek agreements among our directors and establish a single strategic course." 

[+] Innovak Global 

CEO - Luis Roman Medina 
"“Thanks to TRISSA's commitment and involment in every detail of our strategy implementation, we have mastered the process of strategic thinking and execution. As many others, we startered with the strategy formulation and finished with the strategy execution process. Together we have developed the basis for becoming a Strategy Focused Organization.” ."